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Prove Your Worth Every Day

We live in a world of the moment. No one seems to care what you did yesterday, only what you can do for him or her today.

Everyday we must lift ourselves to the new challenges that emerge. We can embrace changes as they come or be forced to change later. If you wait too long the changes may seem overwhelming and impossible to overcome.

Leaders that prove themselves each day tend to have workers willing to do the same. We have all seen supervisors/managers that quit caring and soon afterwards so did the workers. Through time everyone is pursuing their own missions and personal conflicts emerge. Anarchy reigns and personal job satisfaction generally declines. The mission of the organization and/or leader is lost and so is the pride that many found in their employment.

Once you have done everything you can, take comfort in knowing it.

Leaders understand that self-development is a lifetime program, and self-esteem comes by pursuing additional knowledge each day

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